Build: Nehemiah

Have you ever had to be reminded of something? Maybe you forgot about a big meeting or when to pick up the kids after school? Maybe you made a few bad choices and simply needed to be reminded of who you really are. That’s exactly what happened to the Israelites during Nehemiah’s lifetime. They needed a wake up call, to remember who God designed them to be. And in many ways, that’s exactly what’s happening in our world today.

What would happen if we, the Church, were reminded of who we were always meant to be, and we allowed God to build us up in that identity so that we could then build each other up and make Jesus known to the world around us? The Book of Nehemiah explores what can happen when we get back to the heart of what it means to be God’s people, when we genuinely seek the Lord through prayer, and then rely on Him to do the work in and through us.

In this series, we’ll be challenged to rediscover our identity in Christ, see God’s power to restore broken lives, and respond to His call of action in prayer.