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Whole Life Generosity

“A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”

– Proverbs 11:25 (NIV)

More than three thousand years ago, Solomon shared a wise way of living that sociologists would ultimately acknowledge in our day: misers are often miserable, and helpers are the happiest. It’s true – we were created to give, and our open-handedness brings hope to others and true joy and peace to our hearts and minds.

At Calvary Chapel, we refer to this as Whole-Life Generosity! As you live for and grow in the Lord, our goal is to inspire you to be radically generous with your…

  • Words / building others up
  • Time / serving others regularly
  • Resources / giving sacrificially
  • Family, Friends, Enemies, and Strangers / all people, all the time
  • Those who need an advocate / the most vulnerable in our world

And the great news is this: You will be refreshed as a result, living in the overflow of our most generous, giving God.


Sometimes a little guidance can go a long way.  Our partners at Ramsey+, Financial Planning Ministry, and more share helpful insights to position you for generous living and giving.

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It’s easier to reach your destination when you map out a plan for your travels.  Join our partners at the National Christian Foundation of South Florida as you discover strategies for maximizing your kingdom impact through intentionality.

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Generosity is a biblical value, so we’ve made the teaching of God’s Word our primary catalyst for selfless living.  Become generous like Jesus as you step into His story!