Biblical Counseling

About Biblical Counseling

Biblical counseling seeks to provide scriptural advice and personal care to those needing help with a problem, help with handling a crisis, and/or encouragement that will motivate them towards change.

The goal of this ministry is to provide support by exploring biblical principles and insights as well as teaching how to apply these principles to one’s life. Through each session, we seek to help those in need attain healing and peace from their current struggles in a loving and confidential environment. 

How Can I Receive Biblical Counseling?

Please choose between one of the following options:
Walk In (Post-Service Counseling)

After you’ve attended any one of our weekly church services, you can stop by our Post-Service Counseling office located next to the church office (Fort Lauderdale campus) and receive biblical-based counseling.

Make an Appointment

You can leave us a voice message and we’ll return your call to set up an appointment. For men’s, women’s, or couple’s counseling, call 954-556-4285. Please fill out this form and bring it to your appointment. This information will help us to better understand your situation.

Immediate/Urgent Counseling

If you need biblically-based help with an immediate crisis, call 954-977-9673 or personally come to our church office during regular church business hours and we’ll have someone meet with you.

Youth/Family Counseling

Please note that counseling for those under the age of 18 is provided through our Family Ministry. They can be reached at 954-905-5122.

  • Anne Lunkins

    Ministry Leader
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