Resources on Racial Reconciliation

Justice & Reconcilliation Parenting Resources Image

Books to Read

For Younger Kids

For Middle School and Up

Articles to Read

Bible Studies

Movies to Watch

  • Just Mercy  (Age: 13+)
  • Harriet (Age: 12+)
  • Same Kind of Different as Me (Age: 13+)
  • Lee Daniels’ The Butler  (Age: 13+)
  • Radio (Age: 11+)
  • Remember the Titans (Age: 10+)
  • Kingdom Men Rising

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Places to Visit

  • Museums
  • Culturally different restaurants
  • Culturally different churches
  • National Monuments and parks
  • Freedom Tower
  • Ellis Island
  • Atlanta

Ways to Create Discussion

  • Toys – Dolls to teach about our unique differences
  • Have friends of other cultures over for dinner.
  • Conversations about differences. Finding strength and beauty in those differences.