Help My Unbelief: How to Deal with Doubts in Your Faith

Help My Unbelief: How to Deal with Doubts in Your Faith Article Image

The Book of Mark tells us a story of a demon-possessed boy who was brought to Jesus for healing by his father who asked if He could do anything to please take pity on them. “Jesus said to him, ‘If You can?’ All things are possible for the one who believes.’ Immediately the boy’s father cried out and said, ‘I do believe; help my unbelief!’” Mark 9:23–24 (NASB) What an unbelievable act of faith this father is showing!

How often do you find yourself in that same sense of desperation to not be caught in your unbelief? Having doubts during your walk with God, or while you’re still learning more about having a relationship with Him, is something every single person goes through. There’s no shame in having questions, but it can be confusing. Here are some practical ways to speak truth into your doubts that go beyond “just pray about it.”

Join an Alpha Group

Whether you’re learning more about how a relationship with Jesus can change everything, or you’re just seeking answers, Alpha is a great resource. It’s a series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of Christianity and other questions you may be struggling with—questions about hope, meaning, purpose, and faith. These live talks are designed to encourage debate, critical thinking, and the exploration of the basics of the Christian faith in a safe, informative, and friendly setting.

This is the perfect place to create space for your questions alongside people in the exact same spot as you. You can learn more about Alpha or find a group closest to you at

Read Through the Word with a Spiritual Mentor

Sometimes when we’re struggling with doubts, they can worsen if we let them fester in our minds without talking to someone. One of the best ways to work through your uncertainties is to bounce your thoughts off another person! Find someone you trust and know has a deep knowledge of God’s Word to help explain some of the questions that may seem unclear to you. Reading through the Bible together can help alleviate doubts because it’ll create a continuous conversation over what God is showing you or what may not make sense. Being in discipleship is also one of the best ways to grow spiritually and strengthen your confidence in God’s promises.

Invite God into the Conversation

I wouldn’t tell you to just pray about it, but it’s absolutely vital that you do pray about it. When you’re struggling with doubt, God absolutely must be part of the conversation as you sort things out. He must be at the center of the conversation. Whether you go to Alpha, talk through things with a mentor or friend, or go to Christian counseling, keep Jesus in the center of it all. Just like with the family in this passage, Jesus is the hope and help you need, and He will help you in your doubt.

I like to think of it like this: If I were having doubts in my marriage, it wouldn’t be healthy for me or my relationship with my husband to keep those doubts to myself. The healthiest way to resolve those doubts is to include him in the conversation so we can work on them together and strengthen our marriage. Excluding him would be unfair to him, and I’d be missing out on a very valuable perspective that could help alleviate my doubts. It works the same way with Jesus! He values having a healthy relationship with you, but He needs to be part of the conversation for that to happen.

If you’re struggling with doubts in your faith, you can contact Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale at 954-977-9673 to get connected to one of our pastors who are always here to help you understand what you may be walking through. You can also visit our Grow webpage to learn more about fundamental questions like: What Is Sin?, How Do I Follow Jesus?, and What Are the Basics of Faith?

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