Setting the Course

Men’s Bible Study at Plantation

Everyday life can come with a buzz of busyness that can send us cycling in multiple directions, often steering our orientation away from what’s important in life. Understanding this spinning pattern well, there’s a group of 80 men at Calvary Plantation that refuse to let hurry take them on a tailspin into survival mode. Without fail, they meet every Thursday night to set the course, which helps them steady life’s chaotic rhythm, focus on the myriad of decisions that build a life, and focus on the type of men God wired them to be—strong, bold men.

“A strong and bold man is one whose heart is for Christ,” said Donovan Facey, director of Outreach and Men’s Ministries at Plantation. “He is one who can kneel and cry out to God or cry on the shoulders of his brother. That is manly. That is the man Christ wants us to be.”

The success of this men’s group comes down to the fellowship of community, knowing they’re made better when they work together. As men, Facey observed, sometimes all they need is each other to remind them to stand firm.

“One of the brothers came up to me in tears, telling me this men’s group is one of the best things that has happened to him,” said Facey. “He usually doesn’t feel comfortable being around a crowd of other men. As guys, it’s really hard for us to get together and sit down around a table and talk. But, the great thing about our group is that there’s food! It’s easy to talk then!” Are you looking to find community? To grow? To be challenged? Join a Men’s group by visiting