The Book of 1 John and Our Series

In this series, we’ll explore the incarnation of Christ and our call to love. Find out what it truly means to walk in the light of Jesus and live as His follower as you discover why the credibility of the message can’t be separated from the lives of those who proclaim the message.

YouVersion Reading Plan

How can we be faithful to God in a world that increasingly rejects Him? How can we live above the fray in turbulent times? These questions, at the forefront of the Church today, aren’t new. It’s the same struggle God’s people were facing in Daniel! In this reading plan, we'll explore the first six chapters of Daniel and discover how to survive, thrive, and experience breakthrough in a hostile culture.

Message Takeaways & Study Resources

Weekend Message Takeaway: “Love Wins”

What if you got a guarantee about how life turns out in the end? What if you could know that your story will have a happy ending, that you’d win when it’s all said and done? How would you live your life differently? This past weekend, we concluded our study through 1 John as Pastor

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