Nothing Wasted: A Study Through The Book Of Ruth

Have you ever heard the expression “waste not, want not?” It’s an old proverb that essentially encourages you to use a commodity or resource carefully and thoroughly, not wasting any part of it, so that you will never be in need.

Did you know that this is exactly what God wants to do in your life? From the greatest triumphs to the darkest tragedies, when it comes to the Lord, nothing is wasted. He wants to use every part of our lives to shape us into the men and women He created us to be! One of the clearest examples of this in the Scriptures is found in the Book of Ruth.

In this series, we’ll see the Lord working behind the scenes, weaving His masterful plan of redemption through the lives of Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz. Explore themes such as acceptance, kindess, loyalty, and redemption.