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Everyone needs freedom from something . . . shame, trauma, addiction, anxiety, insecurities, even relationship issues. We’re all searching for a life free from these burdens and areas of brokenness that hold us back and weigh us down. But, how can we get there? Where is this freedom found?
In this special three-part series, we’ll discover how wholeness and freedom are found in relationship with Jesus, how to experience spiritual breakthrough, and how to practically live the full life God created you for!


You did it! You took the first step towards your freedom journey and allowed God to work in you through a Freedom group. A lot can come up through a group like this, so don’t worry. Here’s an easy guide for you to take your next step.

Celebrate Recovery

No matter what your struggle is—grief, anger, a bad habit, or an addiction—there’s a place for you to find community and start healing at Celebrate Recovery. With people walking through the same things as you, you’ll be able to meet weekly and work through your struggle in a safe and supportive environment.
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Care Groups

Being in a hard season like grief, walking through cancer, or navigating abuse is taxing, but you don’t have to fight it alone. Grief Share, Celebrate Recovery, Trees of Hope, and many other care groups are designed to encourage you, make you feel seen, and provide you with support alongside people who are dealing with the exact same things.
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Community Groups

Find your friends who feel like family and study God’s Word. These groups are designed for you to find community and do life together. Whether you’re a woman, a man, a couple, or you have a special interest like gardening or gaming, there’s a group made just for you!
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Biblical Counseling

Are you looking to process your struggles from a biblical lens? Find support for your spiritual, emotional, and relational needs through biblical counseling. You’ll be connected to one of Calvary’s lay counselors who will help you work through any topic you need.
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Local Counseling Centers

Looking for a licensed counselor but not sure where to start? These counseling centers are direct partners with Calvary and will be able to help you work through your struggles in a professional environment. 

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