“The Book of Esther is not simply a morality tale about a few faithful Jewish people who stand up for God in the midst of a pagan land. More fundamentally and splendidly, it is the story of God’s desire to glorify himself and make his Son beautiful in the lives of alienated, weak exiles from covenant faithfulness—like us.”— Elyse Fitzpatrick

Weekly Study Guides

Kicking off our seven-part journey the epic and powerful story of Esther, Pastor Doug Sauder teaches from Esther 1. In this message, we set the stage for the incredible work God would do and explore dangers of pride and the far-reaching effects our sins can have on others.

Continuing our journey through the Book of Esther, Pastor Doug Sauder walks us through Esther 2 as we see the moment Esther becomes queen. In this message, we’ll also explore what simple faithfulness and doing the right thing looks like even in difficult situations.