“A Seat at the Table” is a special three-week teaching series in partnership with dozens of churches throughout South Florida where we’ll learn how to intentionally share our lives and faith with those around us. Through this study, we’ll be reminded of God’s love for us, explore His heart and compassion for people, and gain a deeper love for people in our community who don’t know Jesus!

As we seek to build relationships this month here’s a list of simple things you can do.

Message overview

In this message, we’ll be reminded of God’s love for us when we were lost so that we will embrace the same heart towards those who don’t know Jesus in our communities.

Examining the Parable of the Prodigal Son, we’ll be challenged to see those who don’t know Jesus through the lens of the father, showing compassion and grace to all.

Concluding this special series, we’ll learn why Christians are called to build tables of connection, not walls of separation, with people who don’t know Jesus as we build relationships and demonstrate the love of Jesus.