Weekend Message Takeaway: “The Law of the Kingdom”

Continuing our study through the Sermon on the Mount, this past weekend Pastor Doug shared from Matthew 5:17–26. In this message, Pastor Doug shared the purpose of God’s law, how Jesus came to give the law its full meaning, and what the law of the kingdom means for our lives.

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Let’s recap some of the key talking points from Pastor Doug’s teaching this weekend:

Jesus Came to Give the Law its Full Meaning (Matthew 5:17–20): The law was never a way for us to earn righteousness. The very definition of the word righteousness (“blamelessness before God”) makes it clear that it’s something that cannot be earned, because as children of Adam and Eve, we all carry the stain of sin, thus we cannot become blameless through any effort or works. The law cannot offer us righteousness; it was always intended to show us our need for a savior. Like a mirror, the law serves to make us aware of our sinfulness.

The Law of the Kingdom Gives Life to our Souls: Jesus came to fulfill the law; His perfect obedience, a requirement none of us could have ever possibly hoped to fulfill, has made it possible for us to be justified and made right with God. He who was born free from the stain of sin—through miraculous conception by the Holy Spirit—and who was righteous and blameless took upon Himself our unrighteousness so that through faith, we could be declared blameless in the eyes of God by the covering of His holy and sinless blood.

The old law can only reveal sin, it does not give life, but as Paul says in Romans 8:2 (NIV), “Through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death.” Through Jesus, a righteousness from heaven has come to earth . . . a righteousness that is available to all mankind.

The Law of the Kingdom Is a Direction, Not a Line (Matthew 5:21–26): Where’s the line? It’s not about a line that you have to avoid crossing, that you can come right up against and still be okay . . . it’s about the direction of your heart. In this passage, Jesus is not saying that anger is as bad as murder. But again, it’s about the direction of your heart.

Anger in and of itself is not sinful—God is angry with the wicked and deals with them justly according to His perfect will. His anger; however, is an expression of His commitment to justice. Anger is, at its root, a feeling that comes from perceived injustice—when someone has sinned against us, caused us harm, or violated our will.

But if we indulge anger and allow the element of self-righteousness and vanity that can creep in with anger, then we will undoubtedly fall into the trap of sin. If we embrace anger, linger on it, or leave it unchecked, it could lead to a feeling that carries with it the spirit of murder. Drawing the line with your anger at physical murder does not make you innocent in your heart.

Quote to Remember: Jesus didn’t come to give us a new set of laws, but to show us the way of kingdom living that yields freedom and joy.—Pastor Doug Sauder

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