The Sisterhood Movement at Calvary Chapel Boca

Women’s Bible study at Boca Raton

On most days, we get tangible reminders that God’s power is real, and that it can also be manifested in community. During a women’s Bible study at Calvary Boca, that sweet recollection came during the second week of their Bible study, Discerning the Voice of God.

While learning about the power of the Holy Spirit, one of the ladies accepted Jesus as her Savior. Later that week, as she and her husband attended their first Essentials of the Faith class, she heard one of the leaders talk about Matthew 6:25-34. It was the same Scripture that had been shared days earlier in a conversation and then again while she was doing her homework for her Bible study. From the moment she heard that Scripture, she knew God was speaking to her.

A second reminder of God’s mighty power came out of the community that was formed through this Bible study. A woman named Nubia had a scheduled surgery. Trisha, another woman in her small group who is a nurse, reached out to her but Nubia kept her distance, at first. Then, something went terribly wrong after the surgery. Nubia was in a great deal of pain and the hospital staff couldn’t find what was causing it. In desperation, she called Trisha who rushed to Nubia’s bedside and quickly identified the issue. Because of Trisha’s apt and accurate diagnosis, Nubia was saved from brain damage.

The main lesson the women learned throughout their studies is that God is near—He sees us and He hears us. But they were also inspired to run their unique race together, to be a collective agent of transformation—bringing about a sisterhood movement at Calvary Boca that is precious to Him and attractive to others.

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