Parables: A Woman’s Parable Study Guide

This past weekend we celebrated Mother’s Day as Pastor Doug shared an inspiring word from Luke 15:8–10 and Luke 18.

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For the Note Takers

What does it mean to be a mom? First of all, moms need to erase that idea of perfection so painstakingly pictured on social media like in Instagram or Pinterest posts. The perfect mom, with the perfect husband, perfect kids, and perfect house simply doesn’t exist. It’s a lie! Even, Mary, the mother of Jesus, wasn’t a perfect mom. She lost Jesus for three days when he was 12 years old.

A mom works hard, and she not only meets the physical needs of her family, but she also meets their emotional and spiritual needs. Kids need to know that they’re loved, cared for, and protected. And moms provide all of that through their affection, security, and comfort.

There are several parables in Scripture where Jesus features women and moms, starting with His own. It’s so refreshing to see that in a totally male dominated world, He not only noticed women, but honored them. Like the woman at the well, who went on to become the first evangelist to the Samaritans because He noticed her. Or, His mother Mary, whose request He honored at the wedding feast in Cana, even though His time had not yet come to do his work here on earth. Jesus knew how to honor His mother because He knew it was the only commandment with a promise.

Moms Help Us to Understand Life’s Mysteries (Luke 13:20): Jesus likens the kingdom of God to the yeast women use to make bread. Moms know the mystery that when you put a little bit of yeast into dough, it will spread all the way throughout. And the kingdom of God is like that. Sometimes when we do little things, we’ll never know the complete impact of those things.

Moms have intuition and discernment; they sense things others don’t. And because of that, they help their kids understand life’s mysteries, like when a daughter brings a boy home and mom’s natural radar quickly sends a warning signal that says, “that guy is no good.” Or, when a mom reads a story to her kids, she’s not only teaching her children language, but she’s also connecting them with an identity of who they can be. This develops a purpose for them, as they look at the world and see where they belong.

This connection between mom and child helps form the very nature and character of that child, and it has a profound impact on his or her life. A mom knows what her kids are capable of, and she will push them to the place where they can fulfill their ultimate purpose. In this parable, Jesus is saying, “the kingdom of God is like that.” Just the little bit that moms do with their kids can spread the gospel through their neighborhoods, their cities, and make them world changers for Christ.

Moms Teach Us Never to Give Up (Luke 15:8): This parable is of a mom who has 10 silver coins, loses one, and then never gives up on her search until she finds the lost one. Jesus compares Himself to this woman. There are many people who are lost, some don’t even know it, and He patiently waits for even one sinner to repent.

So, the question is, is there anything in your life that you’ve given up on? A situation or a person for whom you have lost heart or hope? What we see from this mom, and other successful moms, isn’t that it’s not hard, but that mom will never quit, never give up hope, never stop searching, and never stop praying. And God says, “I’m like that mom. I pursue your heart because I love you.” That’s who Jesus is, and that’s who our Father is.

James 1:12 says that there is a reward for those who don’t give up. So, keep looking, keep trying, keep trusting. God is at work.

Moms Teach Us to Pray with Tenacity (Luke 18:1): In this parable, Jesus tells the story of a widow who is all alone and completely vulnerable. He uses this story to show people how to pray. And notice, He is telling this story to men. Even today, if you go to a prayer meeting, most of the people are women. There’s something about this intuition and tenacity that comes with a woman. And Jesus points this out as He tells this parable.

There’s something about this woman’s tenacity that moves the mind, if not the heart, of a judge. Back then in Jesus’ time, women had no rights, and least of all a widow like this one who had no one to speak on her behalf. All she had was her voice, and she was the victim of an injustice.

This is a wise widow. She determines to find a way and to wear the judge out with her persistent cry to be heard. And Jesus says that because of this widow’s intuition and tenacity, this unjust judge granted her request.

Imagine what our Father, who is a just God and delights to hear our prayers, would do if we cried to Him. Jesus teaches us about this type of prayer—a tenacious cry from the heart. And the end of this story is a beautiful example of who God is—a Father for the fatherless, a husband for the widow who has no one to defend her.

The stories Jesus told were to simply show us the kingdom of God and how it works. Interestingly, it teaches us about moms, how hard they work, and about their intuition, tenacity, and prayer.

Quote to Remember: When you honor your mother, your imperfect mother, there’s a blessing that God commands in your life… a promise of a good life here on Earth.—Pastor Doug Sauder


As you think about this weekend’s teaching, here are a few questions to reflect on and consider on your own, with your family, or in your group.

1. What little things can you do to help impact your family?

2. Is there anything in your life that you’ve given up on? What can you learn from moms who never lose hope?

3. In this story, the widow appeals to a judge who doesn’t care what God or anybody thinks. Have you ever been in that situation? And if you have, did you, like this widow, think that you were never going to get justice?


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This weekend is Orphan Weekend! In our time together, we’ll celebrate all that God has done through 4KIDS over the past 20 years to help kids in crisis and discover how we can get in the story and be part of the solution as we conclude our “Parables” series. In this message, Pastor Doug will break down the Parable of the Good Samaritan found in Luke 10.

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