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Starts on Monday, March 20th and ends on Easter Sunday, April 9th

Each year, as a church, we dedicate time to fast and pray together for 21 days leading up to Easter. This is a time to spend intentional time with God through these biblical practices. So, whether you’re praying for the healing of a sick loved one, for someone’s salvation, or seeking freedom and spiritual breakthrough you might be struggling in, you’re not alone—let’s do this together!


Prayer is an invitation to connect deeper with your Creator. The practice of prayer in this setting has the opportunity to go beyond your daily conversation with Jesus. It can bring you into intentional intimacy with Him and create space to receive direction and breakthrough, no matter what you’re praying for.


Fasting is a biblical practice that traditionally means sacrificing food. Fasting can go beyond just sacrificing food; it can mean getting off social media, giving up a specific food group (like sugar) or doing the Daniel Fast. You don’t have to fast from one specific thing for it to be impactful. The important thing is to choose something that will allow Jesus to fill in the spaces of desire and need in your life to help you become more reliant on Him during this time.


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Listen to Calvary Music’s new album release, Still. The heart of this album is to give our church a resource of songs written for true intimacy through personal prayer.